Frequently Asked Questions

The BPMIS is an automated system used to approve submitted plans by architects/ property developers through an online portal. Architects are able to submit their building proposals through the BPMIS and the approvers based at the One Stop Center or District offices are able to review and approve.

Some of the documents that would be required when submitting a new application include:

  1. Lease Contract or title deed
  2. Receipt of property tax payment for the current year
  3. Location in the structure plan
  4. Location in the zoning plan
  5. Location on satellite images according to the most recent data available
  6. Site analysis at the regional and neighborhood scale
  7. Site analysis at the plot scale
  8. Design report
  9. Site plan
  10. Landscape plan
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Users can be able to track the progress of their application. Users can log into the system with their credentials and be able to view how far their application has gone and the number of days the application has spent on a certain station. The system generates a unique number for the application which the user can be able to track e.g. RUB-BP-AAA000010 The system can also be able to notify the user/send notification to the user once the application goes to the next approver. This depends on how the user chooses to receive the notifications.

Applications can be circulated either simultaneously or consecutively. Simultaneous circulation The Reviewers can access the application and make comments at the same time. Consecutive circulation The reviewers can access the application one at a time and in a structured way. The application moves from one reviewer to the next in a sequential manner until it is approved by all the reviewers who are supposed to view the application.

A reviewer cannot be able to edit another reviewer’s comment. A reviewer can only be able to view the comments without making any changes. A reviewer makes comments only on his/her comment sheet.

As the application goes through the reviewers, the system sends notifications through SMSs and emails to the applicant informing them which stage the application is. This constant communication to the applicant ensures that he is aware of how far the application has been assessed or worked on. If the application is successful the applicant will be notified through SMS, email or both depending on the mode he chose to receive during the registration process.

If a circulation is not successful then the application is rejected, sent back to the applicant to rectify on the comments that have been attached to the application and the user of the application is notified of its status. After rectification of the comments by the applicant, he sends back the amended application through the system for a second review by the technical reviewers to ascertain that all the comments have been addressed before an approval is granted.

The Construction Permit system gives an option to receive notifications via SMS or Mail. The notification can be sent either when a milestone has been achieved or when the building proposal has approved.

Applications in construction permit can only be uploaded only as a .pdf file.

The system is able to select another reviewer in the same department to review the application. Delays are thus avoided in approving or rejecting a submitted application.

Click on “sign in” Below you will see a link “forgot password”. Click the link. Type the “username” or “email address” you used during the initial registration process. An email will be sent to your inbox where you will find a link. Click on the link and reset the password. You have successfully reset the password. Use the new username and password to log into the system.

A Certificate of Occupancy is a document issued by a district OSC or building department certifying a building's compliance with applicable building codes and other laws, and indicating it to be in a condition suitable for occupancy

All reviews by planning, infrastructure, environmental, Engineers - all are Construction experts within the OSC.

The BPMIS system supports the latest version of the following browsers:-

  1. Firefox
  2. Chrome
  3. Internet explorer 10 and above
  4. Opera