Dear architects/engineers/developers,

To better serve you and increase your satisfaction, the City of Kigali has simplified some procedures and improved the organization of the review process for construction permit done through our e-permitting system

We would like to remind you the implemented reforms that making it easier and faster to get a construction permit in City of Kigali, among other initiatives.

  1. Publication of soil tests (geotechnical data)

The City of Kigali has conducted preliminary soil investigations for the entire area covering the first phase of Master Plan implementation, of which the results are publicly available free of charge from the Kigali city website ( ), permitting portal (, IER website ( and RIA website (

The results (web map) are also available from the link below:,-2.0813,30.6427,-1.6709


  1. Integrating additional authorities in BPMIS & Enhancing inter-agency collaboration to reduce time to obtain all required documents by introducing a packaged service: construction permits, EIA Clearance, connection to water & Electricity

The City of Kigali has consolidated the process of applying for connection to utilities like water, electricity, the clearance of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and issuance of construction permits into one single application, through our online portal

This packaged service allows the developer to access 4 services from only 1 application. All the service providers work in parallel on the same application at the same time, without the applicant having to apply to each agency separately.

This means less time required to review all submissions for all the services since all requirements are submitted at the permitting stage; and information of readiness of construction site is sent electronically.



  1. Merge BPMIS & LAIS systems

  1. LAIS and BPMIS have been merged mainly to facilitate the issuance of freehold titles;

  2. In our office, we have a designated land Registrar with full authority to issue freehold titles. Freehold titles are issued simultaneously with occupancy certificates;

  3. To eliminate the need for the applicant having to enter all plot ownership and location data manually, LAIS automatically retrieves all that information after inserting the plot UPI.


  1. Live chat feature in BPMIS

Say Goodbye to long queues! With Live Chat in BPMIS, we are able to assist our customers instantly but also provide fast and efficient technical support to engineers/architects/developers. Live Chat has made it so much easier to interact with our customers from anywhere in the world (within working hours).

  1. One Stop Center E-mail address and phone number

Email is still a preferred method of communication for many of our clients, the services of One Stop Center have now an E-mail address: and phone number to assist our clients: +250 789 448 873

  1. Differentiating projects by risk

Rwanda adopted a risk-based approval system in 2017, which provides specific guidance on inspections by type of buildings in relation to their anticipated risks and the complexity of the construction. This has simplified the process and streamlined the procedures needed to obtain construction permits for less complex buildings.

  1. Checklist for construction permitting was simplified:

  1. Project brief (description of methods and techniques applied), except for buildings of category 2;

  2. Site plan and landscaping;

  3. Geotechnical report (extracted from COK online portal);

  4. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) document, except for buildings of category 2 & 3;

  5. No topographic survey needed (all data are available on WebGIS:;

  6. Architectural drawings;

  7. Plans for mechanical, electrical, sanitation, internet broadband connectivity plans & fire safety except for buildings of category 2;

  8. Structural design comprising plans and calculations, except for buildings of category 2 & 3;

  9. Bill of quantities and cost estimate, except for buildings of category 2;

  10. Certification of works signed by certified architect or engineer, except for buildings of category 2;

  11. Copy of green building minimum compliance report, except for buildings of category 2 & 3.



  1. Amended Building Code removed notifying the One Stop Centre of the commencement of construction

  2. Removal of the site mobilization inspection and setting out



For more information, please visit the City of Kigali website ( or the permitting portal (, and for more details on the regulations refer to the ministerial order determining urban planning and building regulations N° 03/CAB.M/019 of 15/04/2019.


The City of Kigali will continue to improve the organization of the review process— to prevent overlaps and ensure efficiency, by better coordinating the efforts of different agencies.